Today I received my first welcome into the World Wide Web, which is beyond encouraging for me. I have Criminal Minds Creations, who's link is HERE, and they are great artists. Mira and Lanna have some very creative Criminal Minds images, and not just for Reid (although I'm promoting him). You should check their website, which is pretty awesome. Hopefully, some of my own images will be appearing there.
But in the meantime, I'm excited for tomorrow's episode. But who wouldn't be? We've got an awesome, good-looking kid who is fluent in GeekSpeak (I'm taking that as a second language), and he has a gun. But even better than that, he's directing episodes. Being a blogger, I'm supposed to be all-knowing about these things, but I honestly have no idea when his episodes are. I've looked all over the place, and I just haven't found them. But I'm sure he will say something about it on Twitter soon, so I will be looking for that. Until then, keep the love going, addicts!