Welcome, MGG addicts, or the few that have found my site. As the title of my blog suggests, I am just another average fan. And one day, watching TV, I stumbled across a show I'd seen once before, as a kid. Does anyone remember the episode "Demonology"? I'd seen that once, a few years ago, and it scared the snot out of me... for lack of a better term. So why was I suddenly drawn to Criminal Minds again? It must have been fate. But sure enough, there I was watching the very end of "The Angel Maker". And who was that cute kid with all the facts? I had no idea. He was just "the kid with the prom girl haircut". And oh yes, I was an instant fan. But the episode that really got me hooked was "Derailed". Honestly, who doesn't love Reid (or, at that time, the kid with the prom girl haircut) verbally disarming an insane man intent on killing everyone within the vicinity? But it doesn't matter how Reid-centric the episode that gets us hooked, we're all just average fans. So, all of my average peers, all of my average, unknown readers, hello. Welcome to MGG Anonymous.