So, I'm sure all of us who follow Matt on twitter have seen his new haircut by now. But for those of you who don't, he's got a new 'do! It's short again, and faintly reminiscent of his modeling days. I loved his hair back then, so I've been totally thrilled. For those of you that are fans of seasons 2-3, you should be thrilled too!
But not everything I've heard is positive. There is quite a group of people out there who really liked his hair long and greasy, and they're pretty disappointed. But it's not that he looks bad either way... it's just, to either perspective, he looks less good. But, other than debates about whether he should grow it or keep it like that, there's one thing I'm looking forward to now. Morgan ruffling Reid's hair. I'm sure there will be a surge of fangirl (and a few fanboy) Morgan/Reid slash, slash I will dutifully not read, but I do want to see it. It will be like the old seasons, with more "brotherly" moments between the two.
So what do you think? Like the new 'do? Want the old one back? Look and decide: